About WManager ecosystem

A little bit of history

I worked in small and big companies. I touched Salesforce, Ms. BizTalk, Ms. Dynamics, Ms. Sharepoint, SAP, Oracle as well as TYPO3 (my favourite above all), DokuWiki, Concrete5, Wordress, Wix. SugarCRM, TigerCRM and many others. I also worked with freelances and partners for custom development for years.
Any time I was starting a new business consultancy project I was feeling the need to have a platform with a little bit of this and a little bit of that, from other platforms. And I could not find the perfect balance. This is why I designed WManager.

Eng. Gianluca Pelliccioli
WManager founder

WManager platform was developed as a closed project between 2012 and 2017 and was used to provide JAMAIN's customers with the right software for their business needs.
It did its job quiet great in particular between 2015 and 2017.

Why open source now

WManager was released as free and open source on 27th December 2017 under MIT license, which allows you to use it in free or chargeable projects.

Putting WManager free and open-source was not an hard decision. We were more and more facing the issue of not having the capacity of growth that was required by our customers. Nor it was our intention to grow as a pure development or consultancy company, because there are already bigger ones out there.

Putting WManager open source was a part of the process of making "WManager as a product".

Free or Chargeable? This is not the problem.

By the moment we decided to put WManager free and open-source we realized that having a good software was less that half on the need. We introduced the term "WManager Ecosystem" to identify the complete constellation of subsidiary services that were needed by customers, business consultants, system integrator and developers to gain the maximum out of the platform.

This automatically solved our second question that was "how to pay our bills now" and is still now willing to be a great opportunity for all the guys which are approaching WManager right now with similar business models.

Maintainers code of conduct

JAMAIN SOCIAL AND SERVICES is still working in the development as project Maintainers. In order to prevent any inconvenience we have defined this very simple code of conducts:

  • WManager.ORG and Github: we take as a priority to keep in here the latest reliable resources we have and these must be sufficient for any guy out there to do his/her own business using WManager by doing self learning (and hence without having to pay a penny).
  • WManager.COM will gather all chargeable services that can help the same guys to speed up the learning and/or the development process.
  • Revenues from WManager.COM must be invested as a priority to fullfill the above mentioned requirement first.


Trying to keep the right balance in an open-soure community can be hard.
Of course we will make some mistakes in methodology, style or content.
Do not hesitate to tell us. We will do our best to improve.